Health Policy and Clinical Practice Conference for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions, Savannah, GA March 2015

Review of Health Policy from the Affordable Care Act used to Influence the Care and Management of the Nations Prevalent Patient Population | taught by Dr. Kim Kuebler

Course description

The purpose of this conference is to provide an overview of where health care is and where it is going in the face of the Affordable Care Act’s 5th birthday. There is a strong current of change and what we recognize as health care in the United States today is dramatically changing and will transform the manner in which we receive and deliver health care.

Providers will be expected to provide value for their patients rather than receive reimbursement on volume. Health care professionals will be evaluated on prevention rather than illness. Patients will be required to be accountable for their own health and participate in shared decision making between members of their health care team. We will all be held as accountable stewards for our own health care and cost.

Currently, the majority of Americans have more than one chronic condition and this is expected to escalate given the unhealthy lifestyle patterns and practices that pervade our current culture. Today’s speakers come from different disciplines and represent medicine, nursing, social work, health policy and scientific drug development.

Thank you for your interest in remaining current and informed and prepared on how best to meet and address the tsunami of change that will affect us all.

Dr. Kim Kuebler
Dr. Kim Kuebler

Dr Kim Kuebler

Course Curriculum

Federal Overview of the Issues: Multiple Chronic Conditions and Self-Management: Dr. Kim Kuebler
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The Effects from the Affordable Care Act on State Medicaid Reimbursement for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions: Director James K. Haveman, Jr.
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Where Are We When It Comes to Managing the Care Needs of the Frail Elderly: Dr. Joanne Lynn
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The Institutes of Medicine Report on Dying in America: Judith R. Peres
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