Federal Overview: Multiple Chronic Conditions

Fastest Growing and Most Costly US Patient Population | taught by Dr. Kim Kuebler

Course description

  1. Define the escalating demographics of the largest, fastest growing and costliest patient population in the US health care system;
  2. Identify and describe the current federal initiatives targeting multiple chronic conditions and self-management;
  3. Indicate how federal initiatives influenced the development and establishment of an under-served community based self- management program for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

This presentation will address the following content:

Provide an overview of US Demographics, the Largest US patient population and Burden of US costly care

Review the costliest disease states and hospitalizations and recommendations by the Affordable Care Act

Identify current federal initiatives on multiple chronic conditions and self-management to include:

US Department of Health and Human Services, Institutes of Medicine, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Agency for Health Research and Quality, Health Resources and Services Administration,Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

Describe the development and establishment of a self- management program for underserved patients with multiple chronic conditions: Identifying the need, Implementing the direction of health policy into clinical practice. Review patient demographics, methodology and clinical outcomes.

Dr. Kim Kuebler
Dr. Kim Kuebler

Dr. Kim Kuebler


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