Where Are We When It Comes to Managing the Care Needs of the Frail Elderly

taught by Joann Lynn, MD
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Course Curriculum

Planning for Self-Care Disability and Long-Term Care
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Course description

  1. Define what is meant by the term “frail elderly”;
  2. Discuss the 3 most common disease trajectories and how they influence the medical management of patients with multiple chronic conditions;
  3. Review the current Federal initiatives and US budget for the management of the largest and fastest growing US patient population.

This presentation will discuss the following content:

Defining the frail elderly sets the stage for the third largest segment of the US patient population and how it affects:

Plan of Care, Caregiver Support, Homebound, Community Resources and Federal Initiatives

Discuss 3 disease trajectories that follow the: Cancer disease trajectory; Chronic disease trajectory and theFrail and dementia disease trajectory

Identify current Federal programs and initiatives that are targeting change in this population and when policy influences routine clinical practice.

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Joann Lynn, MD
Joann Lynn, MD

Dr. Kim Kuebler