Interdisciplinary Pain Management: A Palliative Perspective

An Interdisciplinary Approach in the Effective Assessment and Management of Chronic Non-Malignant Pain | taught by Dr. Kim Kuebler
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Course description

At the completion of this course the learner shall be able to:

Provide an overview on the prevalence and impact of patients in pain in the US

Review barriers to effective pain management
Identify specific pain syndromes, through the utilization of a comprehensive pain assessment

Describe specific pain assessment tools used to quantify pain

Examine the value of physical examination and diagnostic evaluations when diagnosing specific pain syndromes.
Dr. Kim Kuebler
Dr. Kim Kuebler

Course Curriculum

Overview of Chronic Pain and its Influence on Patient Perceived Quality of Life
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The Multiple Dimensions of Chronic Pain
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Interdisciplinary Management of Chronic Pain
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